I am passionate about maintaining good health and wellbeing through a whole food approach to nutrition, regular exercise, and a focus on optimising lifestyle factors that influence our ability to cope with the demands of everyday life. I am a Registered Nutritionist and Research Associate at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand in sport and health research.

I have been a vocal advocate of good health and nutrition my whole life. In recent years I have adopted a 'real food' approach to eating and living, focusing on fresh, minimally processed food that is quick to prepare and super tasty.

Mikki WillidenMy other great love is running. I have been an endurance athlete since my early years at University, reaching national level success, particularly in the marathon, running a sub-three hour marathon and regularly training and racing in endurance running and triathlon events in New Zealand and overseas. These days I take a more relaxed approach to training and racing but you will still find me out running most mornings.

I am a vocal blogger and Facebook advocate and have worked with many top level triathletes, endurance athletes and media personalities, either to optimise their athletic performance or simply assist them to maintain a better approach to nutrition. You may have heard my many musings on Fitter Radio. My good friend and colleague Bevan McKinnon and I host a regular podcast, interviewing professional athletes and health and nutrition experts and generally espousing our opinions on all things sport and nutrition. I'm also the official nutrition sponsor for the Spirited Women All Women's Adventure race, an exciting new event taking place at the beginning of April, 2016.

Take a look at my services. I can offer assistance to a wide range of people from corporates, elite level sports people and media personalities, to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle through healthy eating and living. This extends to people experiencing fatigue, digestive health, reduced energy level, unwanted weight gain, cholesterol and blood sugar dysregulation or general poor health. I'm looking forward to working with you!



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