Services Available

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever your needs, I have a plan that will suit your lifestyle and your budget:

  •  Sports and performance nutrition
  •  MLCHF / paleo / primal / vegetarian/ vegan meal plans
  •  Weight management
  •  Hormone help
  •  Digestive and gastrointestinal issues
  •  Nutritional considerations for clinical conditions and injury rehabilitation
  •  Custom Nutrition Plans
  •  Eating for health and increased energy levels
  •  Sports nutrition seminars for sports groups and corporate teams
  •  Nutrition seminars for corporate groups
  •  Testing recommendations for digestive-related, heart health, hormonal, neurotransmitters and fatigue/stress related markers available to better understand your health needs.

(If the wait time for an appointment is too long for you, consider the one-off email plan below and get started right away)

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Individual nutritional assessment  via Zoom/ Skype / FaceTime or phone) – $240

This is a 60 minute consultation that covers your current diet and we work out strategies to help you meet your nutrition-related goals. I develop a plan for you based on your lifestyle and budget. (You may be eligible to claim your consultation costs through your medical or health insurance provider depending on your policy.)

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Follow up – $95

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Monthly mealplan and nutrition coaching service

Do you need meal inspiration, qualified nutritionist support, recipe ideas and information? Annual subscriptions available.

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30 minute call – $85 or 60 minute call – $160

This is great for people who might be eating a low carbohydrate, high fat (LCHF)/wholefood/paleo diet but aren’t seeing the expected benefits (be it weight loss, increased energy, sports performance or all three). I’ll help you dial in your diet and start seeing some results. Perhaps you would like your LCHF or paleo diet questions answered? I can also help you start your nutrition plan if you are looking to make the change. Let’s chat and I can answer all your questions either by phone or on Skype to help you develop an eating plan that will fit with your lifestyle.

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One-off email plan – $160

You know the reasons for following a LCHF/wholefood/paleo nutrition plan, and have an idea of the foods you should be eating, but you just need somebody to give you a plan (based on some individualised information) to get the ball rolling. This is via email and, after getting some information from you I can set you up ready to go. Either you take the plan and run, or you can also arrange additional follow-ups with me via Skype, in clinic or by email for some feedback and have your questions answered. I’ll give you either a 14 day plan with recipes based on your likes/dislikes and dietary needs or a longer term guide.

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Nutrition plan with two follow ups – $260 over 6 weeks.

If you’ve already decided you’d like a 14 day plan and you would prefer someone to check in with, then we can organise this from the outset. This is based on the one-off email plan but also includes 2 x 20 min phone call or Skype follow ups over the following six weeks after you’ve emailed through your food diary.

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One-off six week email plan - $260
You know the reasons for following a LCHF/wholefood/paleo nutrition plan, but you actually just need a menu plan that provides plenty of ideas. This is for the person who has specific weight loss or sports nutrition goals, and is otherwise healthy with no specific allergies or auto-immune conditions that may require additional support. This is the 'take the plan and run with it option' - of course monitoring throughout through Skype, inclinic or by email can definitely be arranged and may be useful to help you remain accountable. 

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The information provided via this website (and plans) is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or any other medical conditions. Please discuss with your doctor if you have any concerns regarding embarking on a plan on overall health outcomes. The recommendations I provide are based on a minimal amount of information, and therefore cannot be substituted for an individual consultation. No guarantee can be provided regarding the outcome of following the advice provided.