Mikki Williden, PhD Registered Nutritionist

Mikki Williden

Dr Mikki Williden graduated with Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, and a Bachelor
of Physical Education from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. She attained her
Masters in Science (Human Nutrition) with First Class Honours in 2003, focusing on the
development of a childhood obesity prevention programme.

As a registered nutritionist, Mikki has been privately consulting with clients since 2006 and
has worked with a vast number of people with different health and performance goals. In
2011 she obtained her PhD after completing her doctoral thesis in health and productivity in
the New Zealand workforce.

She hosts a weekly podcast, Mikkipedia, which dives deep into
the topics of nutrition, longevity, fitness and health, and is a co-host of a weekly endurance
sports podcast called Fitter Radio. She is the creator of Mondays Matter, a successful fat loss group programme that utilises
evidence-based techniques to support body composition goals and has helped thousands of people with 
She has worked with some notable NZ'ers, helping them achieve their nutrition-related goals,
including Nigel Latta (on The Sugar episode) and Simon Gault (on the documentary series
Why are we Fat?) and is passionate to help translate science into practice to help people
meet their health goals, and is a regular contributor to digital and media platforms, as well as
having an active social media presence.

Contact Mikki: 0212233239


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